Crazy Time

Game Objective

Crazy Time is an exciting game show and variation of the popular Money Wheel game, played with a large 54-segment vertical wheel spun by the game presenter. In addition, a multiplier is randomly assigned to each spin of the wheel.

The objective of the game is to predict which segment the wheel will stop on when it comes to rest after a spin. Crazy Time also features amazing bonus games that give you multipliers! Simply place your bet on the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time Bonus game bet spots and watch as the multipliers won in the Bonus games multiply your winnings! Win CRAZY big!

Game Rules

Main Game

Simply place your bet on a segment where you think the wheel will stop: use the number segment bet spots 1, 2, 5, 10, or the Bonus game bet spots — Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time


When betting time is up, the game presenter will spin the wheel and, simultaneously with the spin of the wheel, a two-reel Top Slot mini-game will begin, displayed on a TV screen above the main game wheel. Each round, the Top Slot will determine a random multiplier for a random bet spot — either a number or a Bonus.

If a bet spot and multiplier align on a horizontal line in the center of the Top Slot, it is a match. That particular multiplier will be assigned to the corresponding bet spot and will be in effect for the current game round. If the bet spot and multiplier do not line up horizontally, the game will continue without the Top Slot multiplier.


If the main game wheel also stops on that segment, the payout for that bet spot is multiplied accordingly:

For number bet spots — the payout for the particular number bet spot is multiplied by the multiplier from the Top Slot

For Bonus bet spots — the multiplier won in the relevant Bonus game is multiplied by the multiplier from the Top Slot

When the Crazy Time wheel stops, the winning segment is indicated by the flapper at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops on the number or Bonus segment you bet on, you win. Your winnings will be multiplied if the multiplier was assigned to that particular bet spot.

All bets on number segments are paid at the odds corresponding to the number in the winning segment, e.g., winning number 5 pays 5 to 1, winning number 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on. The payout odds for Bonus segments are determined during the Bonus side games. The bet placed on the winning segment is returned on top of your winnings.

All players can view Bonus games, but only players who have placed a bet on the corresponding bet spot can participate and win.

Bonus Games

If the wheel stops on a Bonus segment, the Bonus side game is played. Depending on the Bonus segment the wheel has stopped on, players can participate in the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time Bonus games.

Cash Hunt

In the Cash Hunt Bonus game, a wall of 108 random multipliers is generated and displayed on the screen. If a multiplier is won in the Top Slot, all 108 multipliers are multiplied by that multiplier and then covered with random symbols and shuffled. The countdown will begin, during which time you can prepare and aim the cannon at the spot you believe has the highest valued multiplier.


When the countdown is over, the cannon will fire, all covered spots will be revealed and you will see the multiplier you won.

If no decision is made during the decision time or if there is an interruption, the decision will be made automatically and the spot on the wall will be chosen randomly.



The Pachinko Bonus game features an exciting multiplier wall, containing a random puck drop zone at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zone at the bottom. The puck is dropped randomly from zones 4 to 12. Before the puck is dropped, all the multipliers are multiplied by the multiplier from the Top Slot. Follow the puck dropping through pegs and landing on your lucky multiplier.


If the puck lands on DOUBLE, all multipliers are doubled. DOUBLE is replaced by a 50x multiplier. The drop zone is randomized and the puck is dropped again. Watch your winnings multiply and enjoy!

Occasionally, as a surprise, a Rescue Drop may occur if the puck lands on a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier. In this case, the drop zone would be randomized and the puck would be dropped again. If a Rescue Drop occurs, all multipliers lower than the multiplier the puck previously landed on will be increased to the value of the previous multiplier.

Coin Flip

Heads or Tails — let the coin decide! In this exciting Coin Flip Bonus game, a red and blue side coin is flipped. Two multipliers are randomly assigned, one for each side of the coin, and displayed on a TV screen.


If a multiplier was assigned to the Coin Flip segment from the Top Slot, it will now be applied to those multipliers and the new multiplier values will be updated on the screen.

Once the final multiplier values are revealed, the coin is flipped. The side facing up is the winning side and the multiplier obtained is applied to your winnings.

Occasionally, as a surprise, a Rescue Flip may occur if the assigned multipliers are low. The coin would then be flipped again.

Crazy Time

What's behind the secret red door? It's the world of the Crazy Time Bonus game, where there's a giant 64-segment wheel with three flappers and nothing but crazy bonus multipliers on it! When a multiplier is won in the Top Slot, all multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel are multiplied by that multiplier.


Spin to win CRAZY BIG! Make your decision and choose your flapper — green, blue or yellow — within the decision time and follow the wheel as it slowly stops on the segment of your chosen flapper.



If no decision is made during the decision time, or if there is an interruption, the decision will be made automatically. A flapper will be randomly selected for you. The multiplier for that segment will instantly multiply your winnings.

When the wheel stops, each of the flappers will point to a different segment. The multiplier for that segment is immediately applied to each player's winnings.

If your chosen flapper stops on the DOUBLE segment of the Crazy Time wheel, all multipliers on the wheel are doubled and the wheel is spun again for you! If the flapper lands on DOUBLE again on this second spin, DOUBLE is replaced with a 50x multiplier. The third spin determines the outcome of the game. Crazy Time means crazy wins!


The SOUND button will mute/un-mute all game sounds and voice from the game. Note that if you change tables, the sound will automatically un-mute.


You can alter your sound settings by clicking/tapping the SETTINGS button and then selecting the SOUND tab.

Game History

The HISTORY button will launch a window showing all live game rounds you have played and the results of those rounds.


You can review your past gaming activity by viewing your:

ACCOUNT HISTORY – Shows your complete account history as a list of dates, games, bet amounts and payouts. The game round completed most recently appears at the top of the list.

GAME HISTORY – Shows your history related to a particular game once you tap/click the game in the GAME column.


The SETTINGS button launches a menu of user-changeable settings.

Your chosen settings will be applied at once and will be stored to your profile. Stored settings will be launched automatically when you log in from any device.

You can alter settings to change your general game settings.


Settings are organised under several main tabs in the SETTINGS window:


You can hide/unhide other players’ chat messages.


Your video quality is auto-adjusted, but you can manually change your video quality by selecting a specific stream.


You can mute/unmute your DEALER’S VOICE and GAME SOUND and adjust their relative volumes.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Responsible Gaming

The RESPONSIBLE GAMING button allows you to access the page outlining the Responsible Gaming policy. This page provides useful information and links regarding responsible online gaming behavior and how to set limitations to your game sessions.

Error Handling

If there is any error in the game, gambling system or game procedure, the game round will be temporarily paused while the dealer notifies the shift manager. You and other players will be notified via Chat, or by an on-screen pop-up message, that the issue is being investigated. If the manager can immediately resolve the error, the game round will continue as normal. If immediate resolution is not possible, the game round will be cancelled and initial bets will be refunded to all players who participated in the game round.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys can be used to quickly perform useful game functions.



Number Keys from 1 onwards

Select the desired chip from the chip display. Key “1” corresponds to the leftmost chip with the lowest value. Key “2” selects the next highest value chip, and so on.


Repeat your most recent bet. Click SPACEBAR a second time to double your bet.


Undo your last bet.


Undo your last bet. Hold DELETE for 3 seconds to remove all your bets.


When applicable, the ESC key can be used to:

  • Exit full-screen mode

  • Close an open pop-up window (History, Help, Settings etc.)

  • Open the LOBBY.

Last modification date: 6/19/2024