Slingo Berserk

How To Play

  • Slingo Berserk is a mix of slots and bingo.
  • Each game lasts 11 spins.
  • Match numbers on the reel with the grid to complete slingos and move up the pay table.
  • Wild allow you to pick a number to match and can trigger the jackpot game.
  • Extra spins are available after each game.
  • The price of each spin is dependant on the grib position and the potential prizes.
  • Prices may be in excess of your base game.
  • You can control the nukber of extra spins and maximum prices offered in our play controls.
  • Please gamble responsibly.
  • Slingo Berserk brings big jackpots to Slingo.
  • Select your stake and press START GAME to begin.
  • The cash prize increases with every Slingo (win line) you complete.
  • You have 11 spins to match numbers on the reel with the numbers in the grid.
  • Wilds allow the player to mark any number in the column above and have a chance to play the jackpot game.
  • Lightening shoots coins up to the chest. It the coins cascade down the screen the jackpot game is triggered.
  • Pick coins to reveal one of the Vikings.
  • Keep picking until three of the same are revealed to win that jackpot.
  • The Mace is a blocking symbol.
  • Free Spin Symbols add an extra spin.

Play Controls

  • Play Controls can be selected from the menu.
  • Set the maximum price to be offered as an extra spin.
  • Set the maximum number of extra spins to be offered.
  • Set the maximum stake for any single game.
  • Set the maximum loss for any single game.
  • The game will automatically end if any of hte set limits are reached.

Extra Spins

  • Extra Spins are available after each game.
  • The price of each spin is dependant on the game position and potential prizes.
  • Prices may be in excess of your base stake.
  • The price for the next spin is shown on the spin button.
  • You can control extra spin limits in Play Controls.

Potential Wins

  • The potential wins availabe are displayed in turn
  • Press Collect to end the game.
  • The numbers required are highlighted.

Win Lines

There are 12 win lines and 11 awards on the paytable because the ast number on the grid will always award at leat 2 winning lines.

Best Strategy

  • Best strategy dictates that the selection for positions of Wilds is always in the position that will move the player closer to completing a Slingo.
  • Where multiple positions with the same criteria are available the preference is given to the pisition that are included in the most Slingos (win lines).
  • For example the central square would be given preference since it is included in a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines.
  • Where multiple positions with the same critera exists again a random choise is made.


  • Free spins symbols are removed from the reels for extra spins.
  • Only one jackpot can be won per game.
  • Based on best strategy this game has a theoretical RTP of 95%
  • Based on best strategy each extra spin has a theoretical RRP of 95%
  • Malfunction voids pays and plays.

Pending Games

Incomplete Games Will Be Automatically Completed 48 Hours After Launch.

Any Winnings Will Be Automatically Credited.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 1/31/2023