How do I see the status of bonuses in my account?

In the My Current Bonuses section, you can see all bonuses that you currently have and in the Bonus History section, you can see all bonuses that you received in the past.

"My Current Bonuses" section
Your current bonuses can be in 4 different statuses: new bonuses, waiting bonuses, active bonuses, and accepted bonuses:

  • New bonuses - bonuses that need to be claimed.
  • Waiting bonuses - bonuses that are paused. You are currently not wagering for them. Bonuses are paused if you are already wagering for another similar bonus (same product). If you want to activate a waiting bonus, you simply need to click on the “Activate!” link next to it. The bonus that is currently active will be paused automatically.
  • Active bonuses - you are currently wagering for these bonuses. You can have only one bonus for the same product active at any given time. If you have another bonus with the same conditions, it will be automatically put in the “Waiting bonuses” status. You can delete an active bonus by clicking on the “delete” link next to it. Once deleted, you can’t get the bonus back
  • Accepted bonuses - you claimed these bonuses but you still need to activate them by making a deposit.


“Bonus History” section

  • Released - if you are able to complete the wagering requirements before the bonus expiration date, the restrictions on the bonus amount will be released. After the amount is released, all restrictions on this amount and any associated winnings are removed.

  • Exhausted - a bonus is exhausted if the restricted amount has reduced to zero. For example: you received a $10 bonus, placed a $10 bet on any event with it and lost it.

  • Expired - if a player cannot meet the wagering requirements before the expiration date, the bonus will not be valid anymore.The bonus amount (and winnings, if configured) will be withdrawn.

  • Deleted - active bonuses that you deleted.