Gold Standard Jackpots



Each bet level corresponds to a number of active reels. Bet 1 credit to play on the 1st reel only with a maximum possible award of 10 credits. Bet 5 credits to play reels 1and 2 only with a maximum possible award of 105 credits. Max bet to play all 3 reels with a maximum possible non-progressive award of 10,500 credits. Number symbols available on Reel 1are 1, 2, 5, and 10. Number symbols available on Reel 2 are 0 and 5. Number symbols available on Reel 3 are 0, 5, and 00.

Available credit prizes include 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 55, 100, 105, 150, 155, 200, 205, 250, 255, 500, 505, 550, 555, 1,000, 1,005, 1,050, 1,055, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 5,000, 5,500, 10,000, and 10,500. Only the Highest displayed prize on the reels is paid.


A SPIN symbol landing centered on an active reel 3 awards the Jackpot Wheel bonus with one wheel spin. Press the "PLAY" button to initiate the wheel spin. The wheel contains credit prizes and Minor, Major, and Grand Progressive prizes. See the section below for wheel credit prizes available. Jackpot Wheel prize and line wins can be awarded on the same reel stop.

Available wheel credit prizes include 40, 60, 80, 100, 200, 1000

Progressives are only available during the Jackpot Wheel bonus.

Progressive Tiers are funded by a percentage of all wagers.


The Zero Respin bonus is triggered after a losing spin with at least one active reel displaying at least one Zero or Double Zero symbol on the payline. Any active reels that do not have a Zero or Double Zero symbol on the payline will respin once. If the respinis a losing spin and any of the reels that participated in the respin display a Zero or Double Zero symbol on the payline, any remaining active reels will respin once more. The Zero Respin bonus ends after any winning spin or a losing spin with no additional Zero or Double Zero symbol landing on the payline. Reel 1does not contain any Zero or Double Zero symbols. Reel 2 does not contain any Double Zero symbols.

The Zero Respin bonus cannot occur on a 1 credit bet. The maximum number of total reel spins at 5 credits bet is 2. The maximum number of total reel spins at max bet is 3. Reels are weighted differently during the Zero Respin bonus. At max bet, the Zero Respin bonus can award the Jackpot Wheel bonus. The Zero Respin bonus and Jackpot Wheel bonus cannot be triggered on the same reel spin. The odds of winning the Zero Respin bonus decrease as bet level increases from 5 to 10.


On any reel spin, 1, 2, or 3 reels can nudge up or down to form winning combinations. A nudge cannot trigger the Zero Respin bonus. A nudge can trigger a Jackpot Wheel bonus. The odds of triggering a nudge vary with bet level.



Press to open and close game settings and view game information.


Press to access Bet Settings without opening the Menu.


Press to access Auto Spin settings without opening the Menu.


Press to start playing with the current bet settings.
Or, if applicable, press Space Bar to start playing with the current bet settings.
Quick Stop: Press again to quick stop the reels.


Press to enable or disable Sound.


Press to access game Settings.


Press to access Bet Settings.


Press to view game pay and help information.


Press to view game history.

Game will automatically complete after 24 - 48 hours if left in a feature.

Line wins must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

Only highest winner paid when centered on payline.

Payoffs on registered credits only.

Different reels used by bet level.

Award probability may vary when a change of wager results in a new game.

Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 5/16/2023