Power Fortune

About slot games

This is a game of chance, with fixed odds, where the player can bet a certain amount of money or credits to try to get combinations of symbols that grant payments.The game presents a number of reels or columns, each with a set of symbols that, on each play, stop at a random position, defining which symbols are visible on the screen. Each game has different symbols, both in quantity and appearance, according to its theme and design.

Basic info

Usually placed in the upper or lower side of the game, the player can find the session info, which can include:-Balance/Credit: The money or credits the player has in his casino account, available to wager.-Bet/Total bet: The value set as the current bet.-Total win: The value earned on the last play.-Play ID: a unique number that identifies each game round. When a new game round starts, this number is updated and remains on screen until the next game round.


A specified number of like symbols appearing in a selected payline results in a payout. The number of each symbol required, its payout and the paylines patterns available in this game are explained in the Help/Paytable of the game itself.


The paylines are numbered starting from 1. Some slot machines activate all paylines by default, and others allow player to select the number of active paylines.

Bet settings

Games allow player to choose the amount of coins, credits or money to wager. The player can modify the bet using the controls in the bet section (BET/LINE BET/TOTAL BET). In any case, the total wagered per spin is obtained by multiplying the number of coins selected (1 by default) by the coin value or line bet by the number of paylines selected. The bet level also defines the payouts level, according to the paytable.

Playing the game

After the paylines and the bet amount have been set, the player has to put the reels in motion clicking or tapping the SPIN/START button, usually located at the center or right side of the screen. Clicking or tapping this button will start the reel spinning animation, and generate a debit in the player’s balance. Once the reels stop, the prizes - if any - will be added to the balance.All wins are displayed on screen through the WIN/TOTAL WIN label.


The player can use the AUTOPLAY controls, to set a number of spins. This function will start each spin automatically until either something that requires the player’s intervention occurs or the number of set spins expires.For some jurisdictions, the autoplay options will include extra settings that allow for an autoplay interruption if the total amount won or lost in that session exceeds a specified amount or if any single win exceeds a specified amount.

Other controls

The player is generally able to toggle on/off sound, speed, quality of graphics and other settings, using the controls available on the interface of the game.There is also a LOBBY/HOME/CLOSE button that allows player to quit the game and go back to the Casino’s lobby where you can find the game catalog.

Special symbols

In addition to regular symbols, the game may have one or more of the following special symbols:-Wild: It can substitute most other symbols in order to complete a winning combination.-Scatter: This symbol need not necessarily appear in defined paylines. The specified number of scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. Scatter symbols can also be used to trigger bonus rounds.-Bonus: When appearing on screen in the specified number and/or location, this symbol triggers a bonus round.In order to see the special symbols available in this game, please refer to the Help/Paytable of the game itself.

Bonus rounds

The game can offer different bonus rounds:-Free Spins Bonus: A number of free spins are awarded. The player can play without wagering but any winning combination is paid.-Pick me Bonus: Essentially, the player has to select one or more objects from those displayed on the screen. Winning picks and their payouts are determined at random.Special features and bonuses available in this game and its rules are displayed on the Help/Paytable of the game itself.

Progressive Jackpot

The Grand Jackpot is a progressive jackpot, where every time the game is played by a player a portion of the total bet is added to the Grand Jackpot. When a player won the Grand Jackpot during the Jackpot Mini Game, the Grand Jackpot will reset to the default seed value. The Jackpot Mini Game will be triggered by the scatter symbol randomly during Base Game or Free Game. The chance of triggering the Jackpot Mini Game is higher when the total bet is increased.0.3% of the total bet is contributed to the Grand Jackpot.The next Jackpot is automatically re-seeded with $20,000.Note: $20,000 default seed value is accounted for in the game RTP.


The player can find this section in the game as "?", "info", "help", "paytable" or under similar names. It contains all the specific rules for this game, including definitions of symbols with its paytables, paylines, bonuses and special features descriptions. Legal info related to the game is displayed here as well.

Return to player (RTP)

The theoretical return to player value for this game is informed in the Help/Paytable of the game itself.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Last modification date: 5/29/2024