Which poker tools are allowed or prohibited?

Permitted third-party tools:

  • PartyCaption
  • StackAndTile
  • PlaceMint
  • Table Tamer
  • StarsHelper
  • Mosaic 2
  • IntuitiveTables
  • Universal Replayer
  • Jurojin Poker
  • Slot Poker Pro
  • Holdem Manager 2
  • Holdem Manager 3
  • Poker Tracker 4
  • Hand2Note

Virtual Machines and Screen Sharing/Remote Access Software:

  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • TeamViewer
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • AnyDesk
  • LogMeIn

Prohibited third-party tools while the Borgata Online client is running:

  • PokerSnowie
  • Jesolver
  • Flopzilla
  • Vision GTO Trainer
  • InstaGTO
  • Holdem Indicator
  • Omaha Indicator
  • Stud Indicator
  • Tournament Indicator
  • HirokuScript
  • Poker Calculator Pro
  • Super HUD
  • Tournament Shark
  • Lucid GTO
  • Spinwize
  • Deepsolver
  • SimplePostFlop
  • Equilab
  • chartmanager
  • MonkerSolver
  • SimpleNash
  • PokerStove

Third-Party Tools That Are Prohibited at Any Time:

For the avoidance of doubt, there are some tools that, if a player is found to be using in any capacity (regardless of whether the platform is in use), will result in a breach of Borgata Online’s Terms of Service and may result in an immediate closure of the player’s account and seizure of their funds.

The use of any tool that does the following is not permitted at any time:

  • Any tool that is designed to circumvent our restrictions on downloadable hand histories.
  • Any tool that plays without human intervention (a ‘Bot’).
  • Any tool that makes decision for, or advises decisions to, a player – therefore reducing the human element of the game (‘assistance software’).
  • Any tool that automates the process of joining a specific table or game based on a defined set of criteria, such as player statistics or notes (a ‘seating script’).

The list of prohibited third-party tools regardless of whether the platform is in use includes, but is not limited to:

  • HoldemBot
  • Warbot
  • DeepMind
  • Pokerbot
  • InHuman
  • PokerBOT
  • OpenHoldem
  • PokerReader

If you have any concerns, please email the poker integrity team for assistance.