The Race

Introducing the game

The Race is a 6 reel Megaways™ game with reacting wins and unlimited Free Spins.

How to play

Select your stake by clicking the left and right arrow buttons on the stake. The stake value is displayed in the stake display.

All payouts are multiplied by the stake of each individual spin.

Auto play

To set up Auto play press the Auto button. This will display Auto play panel which the player can use to modify the number of spins, set a loss limit or set a win limit. When a loss limit has been set the player can select Start to commence auto play.

When Auto play is on, the Play button will change to a Stop button. The remaining Auto plays will be displayed in the Stop button. The player can cancel Auto play by clicking the Stop button. Auto play will stop automatically if any of the limits set is reached or anything occurs that requires player intervention.

Auto play may not be available in your jurisdiction.

Start the spin

Press the Play button to start the spin at the stake displayed.

The reels will spin and then come to stop, displaying the result.

Bonus Buy

Press the Bonus Buy button to access the Bonus Buy menu.

You may buy a Heart Bonus round for 100 times the Free Spins Stake.

The Free Spins Stake can be changed by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the Free Spins Stake display. The Free Spins Stake will apply to each Free Spin.

Press the price to buy the bonus for that price. The price will be deducted from your balance.

The Heart Bonus round will commence with 3 Hearts awarded.

Bonus Buy may be limited or unavailable in your jurisdiction.

Win Exchange™

Whenever you win 100 times your stake or more, you have the option to exchange 100 times your stake for a Heart Bonus Round.

Press COLLECT to keep your win without performing an exchange. Press EXCHANGE to exchange 100 times your stake for the bonus.

Whenever you win between 25 and 100 times stake, you have the option to exchange the entire win for the chance to be awarded a Heart Bonus Round. The chance of winning the gamble is shown in green on a wheel.

Press COLLECT to keep your win without performing a gamble. Press GAMBLE to exchange your win and spin the wheel for a chance to be awarded the bonus.

If the gamble is successful then a Heart Bonus round is awarded. An unsuccessful gamble results in no bonus being awarded.\

Win Exchange is not offered if the Heart Bonus round has been triggered.

Symbol Wins

A win is matching consecutive symbols, regardless of height, from left to right starting from left most reel.

Highest win paid per winning combination. All winning combinations are added together. See PAYS for further information.

Extra Reel

The Extra Reel adds a symbol to the reel it is below for reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.


All winning symbols except Scatters are part of a reaction and are replaced by symbols coming from above on the reels and from the right in the Extra Reel.


Wild substitutes for every symbol except Scatter and Terminator. When the reels stop spinning one Wild may duplicate. If a Wild Duplication occurs, all symbols on that vertical reel are replaced by Wilds. During Free Spins, every Wild that is added to the reels by Wild Duplication gains a multiplier up to x5.

Wins are multiplied by the displayed Wild multiplier for each Wild that substitutes in the win.

Wild does not occur on reels 1 and 6.


3 or more Scatters trigger the Heart Bonus round.

Scatters do not occur in the Extra Reel.

Scatters do not occur in the Free Spins.

Heart Bonus Round

20 individual reels are displayed, each of which can reveal either a blank result or a Heart.

Before the reels start to spin one Heart is awarded for each Scatter that triggered the bonus.

The Heart Bonus round commences with 3 respins. When one or more Hearts are awarded the number of respins remaining resets to 3.

When there are no respins remaining, or if the maximum of 20 Hearts has been awarded, then the Heart Bonus is complete and Free Spins are initiated.

During the Free Spins each Heart is a life which allows Free Spins to continue playing.

Free Spins

During Free Spins there is an unlimited win multiplier which starts at 1 and is increased by 1 after each reaction.

Free Spins continue as long as there are any lives remaining. The number of lives remaining is shown above the reels.

A Terminator symbol may occur on Reel 6. Each Terminator symbol that appears reduces the lives remaining by one.

If there is a win then the Terminator symbol becomes part of the reaction and is replaced by a symbol coming from above. The Terminator symbol does not occur in the base game.

The stake that was used to trigger the Free Spins will be used for the Free Spins duration.

At the end of the Free Spins, the total winnings for the spins will be displayed. Any winnings will be credited into the players account and regular play then resumes.

Return to Player (RTP)

The Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time. Values are calculated initially by dividing the total payouts by the total bets from a simulation of numerous game rounds. Values reflect the maximum expected RTP and do not change.

The RTP is defined at different stages or modes of the game.

Overall RTP: 96.27%

Bonus Buy RTP: 96.36%

General Information

In the event of a non-responsive game or problem during a spin, the game will repeat the incomplete spin and display the result to the player when the game is next launched.

Incomplete games will be automatically resolved after 30 minutes. Any winnings resulting from automatic resolve shall be paid to player's account.

System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 6/20/2023