Slingo Fortune

Select Your Stake And Press Start Game To Begin 

You'll be Presented With 26 Envelopes, Each Allocated With A Prize Value At Random. Pick An Envelope...  ... Then Hit Spin To Spin The Reel. You'll Get 10 Spins to Open Envelopes And Get Slingos 

Reel Symbols 

Each Spin Will Randomly Display 5 Symbols  

Match Number Symbols With Envelopes In The Column Above To Reveal It's Prize Value And Remove It From Game  Jokers Are Wild And Can Be Used To Open Any Envelope In The Column They Appear. 

Free Spin Symbols Award An Additional Spin At The End Of The Game.  Super Jokers Are Also Wild And Can Be Used To Open Any Envelope In The Entire Grid.  The Devil Blocks Potential Matches On The Reels.  

The Fortunes Offer  There Are 12 Possible Slingos To Be Found. Each Slingo Moves You Up The Prize Boost Ladder, Which Applies A Multiplier To All Remaining Prize Values In The Game. Reach 4 Slingos To Unlock The Fortunes Offer  

Accept Take The Fortunes Offer!  


Open Picks  

Open Your Envelope  


Continue The Game  if You Choose to Keep Spinning, You Will Be Made An Offer After Each Spin, Based On The Prize Values Remaining In The Game. If You Reach A Full House On The Prize Ladder, You'll Win The Prize In Your Envelope  

Extra Spins  After 10 Spins, You Can Either Carry On Playing With Accumulated Free Spins Or by Buying Additional Spins. The Cost Of Additional Spins Is Displayed On The Spin.  

Win Lines  There Are 12 Win Lines And 11 Awards On The Paytable - This Is Because The Last Envelope to Be Marked Off On The Grid Will Always Complete At Least 2 Winning Lines.  In The Main Game Based On Best Strategy

The RTP IS 95% 

In Each Additional Spin Purchased Based On Best Strategy The RTP Is 95% 

Devils Appear On The Center Reel Only. Free Spin Symbols Are Removed From The Reels for Extra Spins. 

 Malfunction Voids All Pays And PLays


Best Strategy 

The Best Strategy For Slingo Fortunes Dictates That You SHould Always Complete At Least Your 10 Spins, Plus Any Free Spins Accumulated, and Open Your Envelope.  The Best Strategy For Positioning Jokers And Super Jokers Is Always In The Position That Will Move You Closest To Completing A Slingo.  Where Multiple Positions With The Same Criteria Are Available, The Preference Is Given To The Position Included In The Most Slingos.  For Example, You Should Always Give The Central Square Preference, Since It Is Included In A Horizontal, Vertical and Two Diagonal Lines.If Multiple Positions With The Same Criteria Exist Again, Pick Randomly Between The Best Positions.

Last modification date: 6/26/2018