Devils Lock


The game is played with 15 individual reels.  The order in which all 15 reels stop may vary from one game to another.

1is wild and is present on the center reel only.

It replaces all the symbols expect 2

3and / or 4  on top of reels randomly trigger 6 Free Spins each!

1stays during each Free Spin!

Rewind can randomly happen and swap the landed symbols to

1and/or 5

All line wins pay from left o right on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel.

Only the highest line win is paid on each active pay line.

Wins on multiple lines are added together.

All line wins are multiplied by the bet multiplier.


Reels may randomly contain one or more of the following Devil’s Lock Prizes:


Devil’s Lock Prizes are at bet multiplier 1

The condition to win 1 or more of these Prizes is to obtain in the same game, a 1  on the center reel.

The Bonus Prize Level awards are as follows:

GRAND $1,980.00

Maxi $150.00

Minor $22.50

Mini $7.50

The value of Devil’s Lock Coin Prizes are as follows: 

6 $3.00

6 $1.80

6 $0.90

Each 6  is multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Devil’s Lock Bonus Prizes are displayed on top of reels and are multiplied by the bet multiplier. 

Devil’s Lock Bonus Prizes are non – progressive.

All Devil’s Lock Bonus Prizes are available at all bets and each can be won more than once in a game.

Devil’s Lock Coin and Bonus Prizes wins are added to the other wins.


During base game or Free Spins, 3 and / or 4  on top of reels randomly trigger 6 Free Spins each!

Each time a 1  lands on the center reel, it will throw a coin that randomly goes towards one or both Pigs on top of reels.

One or both Pigs may then award 6 Free Spins each, anytime!

Each time a Pig Tiggers Free Spins, it is reset to its lowest size level.

1STAYS during Free Spins, for a better chance of winning Devil’s Lock Coin and/ or Bonus Prizes!   You could win more Free Spins during Free Spins!

The size of the Pigs on top of the reels has no effect on triggering the Free Spins. 

Free Spins are added to other wins.


Rewind on the center reel

In the base game, the center reel may from time to time rewind of a random number of positions to land on  a 1

Rewind on any reel other than the center reel

In a regular or free game with 1

On the center reel, one or more non- winning symbols may from time to time rewind of a random number of positions to land on a Devil’s Lock Bonus Prize sybmbol.  Either one or both REWIND event explained above may occur in 1 round.


Game starts by setting a selected Bet Amount and by pressing the Spin button.  Round ends when reels stop and there are no wins, or after the win presentation if there are wins.


Turbo mode is speeding up reels spinning animation when enabled.  This option does not influence the game round result but only visual presentation. 


Game menu contains options and settings that control some of the game features:

History – Displays previous rounds from the current session

Close Game – Closes the game client

Sound- Controls the Sound FXs in the game ( on/off)

Turbo Mode ( where available ) – Controls the Turbo mode feature ( on/off)

Left Hand Mode ( where available)  - Controls the positions of the UI on Mobile devices

Vibrate ( where available) – Controls the vibration of the Mobile devices ( on/off)

Game is paused while the menu is visible and can be closed by pressing the Close button or anywhere on the screen.


Game starts with a default Bet amount set for the game.  Player can change the Bet amount by either:

Number of rounds to be played automatically

Loss Limit (where available) – Disables the autplay mode if Balance is reduces by more than loss limit amount.

Stop on Bonus Feature ( where available) – Disables the Autoplay mode when Bonus game or Free games are triggered.

Stop on Win above (where available) – Disables the Autoplay mode when there is a single round win exceeding the amount entered.

Autoplay button will display the remaining number of spins to be played automatically.  Pressing on the Autoplay button while Autoplay mode is enabled will reset the number of Rounds and disable the Autoplay mode.


Malfunction of the game voids all pays.  In case the game round is interrupted, it can be restored by simply starting the game again, within the period of 90 days.  After that period , the incomplete round will be void. 

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Last modification date: 6/19/2024